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Eastern Telecom Project   (DGM HQ KOLKATA)

Tender Awarded < 1 cr. Awarded > 1 cr. Final Rate

Tender No. Subject Open Date Close Date Download
 ETP/Sweeping-Cleaning/Tender/17-18/1 Dated: 26-05-2017 Cleaning & Sweeping work under part time job contract Scheme of the floors, Toilets, Staircases and Furniture with Cleaning materials at 5th,6th & 9th (Part) in the o/o the CGM/ETP/Kolkata-27 26-05-17 15-06-17 26-05-17 Download
  G/NV-HIRING VEHICLES/TENDER Dated 26-09-2016 Tender for Hiring Vehicle 26-09-16 19-10-16 26-09-16 Download
 ETP/Sweeping-Cleaning/Tender/15-16 Dated 31.07.2015 CORRIGENDUM against Tender no. ETP/Sweeping-Cleaning/Tender/15-16 Dated 28.07.2015     31-07-15 Download
 ETP/Sweeping-Cleaning/Tender/15-16 dated : 28th July, 2015 Cleaning & Sweeping work under part time job contract scheme of the floors,toilets, staircases and furnitures with Cleaning materials at 5th ,6th &9th (Part) floors in the o/o CGM/ETP/Kolkata-27 30-07-15 20-08-15 27-07-15 Download
 G/HiringVehicle/Tender/1 Dated at Kolkata the 04.12.2014 Tender for Hiring Vehicle 05-12-14 27-12-14 27-12-14 Download
 ETP/Cleaning-Sweeping/Tender/13-14 Dated 12.08.2013 Tender for Cleaning-Sweeping work of the floors,toilets,staircases and furnitures with cleaning material and accessories in the O/o The CGM,ETP/Kolkata-27 12-08-13 26-08-13 12-08-13 Download
 ETP/Sweeping-Cleaning/Tender/13-14/11 Dated at Kolkata the 06.08.2013 Cancellatin of NIT NO. ETP/Sweeping-Cleaning/Tender/13-14 dated 09.07.2013     07-08-13 Download
 ETP/Sweeping-Cleaning/Tender/13-14 Dated 09.07.2013 Mechanised Cleaning 10-07-13 30-07-13 09-07-13 Download